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Pokemon Trade In | Sell Your Bulk for Cash!

Pokemon Trade In | Sell Your Bulk for Cash!

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Are you looking to sell your bulk Pokemon cards? Sell them to us for cash! We also provide a free shipping label for you to send them to us.

What Can I Sell?

We accept Pokemon TCG Cards that meet the following requirements:

  • Cards are in English
  • Near Mint or above condition (see guidance here)
  • Genuine non-counterfeit cards only
  • No code cards
  • We accept cards of all sets and rarities.

Please note we can only accept submissions of more than 10,000 cards to make it worthwhile for both parties.

How Much Will I Get?

We purchase cards at the following rates:

  • Common/Uncommon: £1.75 per 100 
  • Trainers: £1 per 100 
  • Basic Energy: £0.20 per 100 
  • Non Holo Rare: £3 per 100 
  • Holo: £6 per 100 
  • Reverse Holo: £10 per 100 
  • Full Art/V/GX/EX: £7 per 10 

Don't want to sort? We can buy unsorted Non-Holo (excluding energy) for £1.75 per 100

How do I send the cards to you?

Once you have checked that your cards meet the requirements, all you have to do to sell to us is follow these steps:

  1. Sort the cards by rarity only (i.e. by commons/uncommons, trainers, energy, etc.). PLEASE DO NOT SORT BY INDIVIDUAL CARD/SETS etc. The more random the cards are sent the better!
  2. Package your cards securely in a cardboard box. Please ensure the box is sealed and watertight to prevent damage to the cards.
  3. Send us an email at containing:
- The breakdown of the cards (i.e. how many commons, non holo rares, etc.)
- Your address
- The weight and dimensions of the box you’re using to send us the cards
- Your preferred payment method of bank transfer or PayPal


Once we receive your email we will send you a quote detailing what you will get for your cards. If both parties are happy, then we will send a pre-paid shipping label that you can use to send your cards to us FOR FREE. (Please note: the free shipping label can only be provided for UK customers. If you wish to trade in cards from outside the UK then you will have to cover the cost of postage to us).

When will I be paid?

Once we’ve received your cards and checked that the quantities and condition are correct (this usually takes us around 24 hours) we will then send you the payment via your chosen method of either bank transfer, PayPal or store credit.

Please note, any cards that do not meet our outlined requirements will be returned to you or disposed of at your expense. We will not accept any non-english cards, counterfeits or cards that are not in near mint condition.

  • You Select
  • We Curate
  • You Enjoy!

When will my box ship?

We aim to ship boxes within 1-3 days after the order has been placed. If you subscribe then subsequent subscription orders will ship between the 14th-18th of the month.

All Collector’s Edition boxes ship along with our subscription boxes between the 14th-18th of every month. 

UK boxes are sent via Royal Mail and typically arrive within 1-3 working days of shipment whilst International boxes typically arrive in 5-10 working days.

How do I cancel?

All of our subscriptions are no commitment and be cancelled anytime. To cancel, simply log into your account via the My Account page where you can manage your subscription.

When will I be charged?

For our Geek Crate subscriptions, your card is charged on the day you purchase your first box. All recurring subscription orders will be billed on the 1st of the month.

Will I receive duplicate items?

When you subscribe to any of our subscription plans you will receive brand new items in every month with no duplicates.

Please note, that if you order multiple one-off boxes you may receive duplicate items. We recommend subscribing if you want to get new items.

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